Windows Installation/Reinstallation

Just In Time Tech offers assistance in the installation or reinstallation of a Windows Operating System (OS). You may request this service if you are building a custom computer, upgrading an existing computer, or are experiencing poor performance or errors with your current installation.

This service includes the preparation of the device to have a new operating system installed by deactivating other licensed software, backing up user data1, and formatting and partitioning of hard drives. Once the OS is installed, we will assist with the installation of OS updates, the installation of software2, and copying of backed up data.

If you would like more information on this service, please contact us by clicking here or by calling 443-487-2520.

1Just In Time Tech is not responsible for data that is unrecoverable or lost during the backup process. If requested by customer, Just In Time Tech can attempt data recovery with no guarantee of fully recovering data. 

2Software installation media and license keys must be provided by customer except in cases that software is available for free from software vendor websites (Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Java, etc.)