Virus Removal

Having a computer infected with viruses, malware, and other malicious programs is a serious risk to the security of computer. Breached computer security can result in lost or stolen personal documents, passwords, and financial information.

Just In Time Tech can help you with re-securing your devices to get them back in working order while reducing the risk of data loss and further security breaches.

Virus removal services include malware scans and removal, installation of Operating System (OS) Updates, and other cleanup tasks. In the most extreme cases, we will assist you with backing up your documents1 and reinstalling your OS and other software2.

If you feel like the security of your computer has been compromised or if you have concerns or questions, please contact us by clicking here or by calling (443)-487-2520

1Just In Time Tech is not responsible for data that is unrecoverable or lost during the backup process. If requested by customer, Just In Time Tech can attempt data recovery with no guarantee of fully recovering data. Data that is encrypted by a virus will not be attempted to be recovered.

2Reinstallation of operating system and software may require a separate visit; Software installation media and license keys must be provided by customer except in cases that software is available for free from software vendor websites (Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Java, etc.)